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Yuki loves to just waste time. Do you? You can waste time here. Keep checking back, we'll add more time-wasters as we find them.
  Yuki's State Facts added 3/15/05 Yuki's Coloring Book added 2/28/05

  Yuki Goo added 2/17/05 Draw with Yuki added 2/16/05

  Wallpaper Yuki's Room added 2/15/05 Yuki & Friend Follow Around added 2/15/05

  Eyes added 2/14/05 Find Yuki added 2/3/05

  Feed Yuki added 2/2/05 Yuki's Graffiti Wall added 12/15/04

  Kiss Yuki added 10/25/04 Check Boxes

  Yuki's Aquarium Yuki Cube

  Yuki's Card Trick



Rainbow Lines


  Line Effects

Yuki's Goldfish Bowl

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